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Your Greek Experience

Interested in becoming a blogger or sharing your Greek experience with us? 

PINOYNEWSGREECE.com  gives you the chance to co-operate with us! Do you have something interesting to say? Do you want to share your personal experience from Greece with the world? Do you want to share your photos and videos? Do you want to share your recipes?

The procedure is simple.. Send us your article at:
 and if it gets approved it will be posted in our website. Everything has to be Greece or Filipino related.

Don't lose the chance!

Some people have already taken their chance and they have shared their Greek experience:

  • A daughter of Filipino immigrants says"Being born in Greece may not make you Greek",  When Athina Bontigao walks down the streets of this city of her birth, most Greeks don’t see a compatriot, they see a foreigner, --a xenos, ksenos--....read the story her
  • Roughcut: The Bambie Mangampo DocumentaryCame from a poor family, a smart, a strong personality and a fighter who is able to face struggle without hesitation.....read the story here
  • David H. Harwell, PhD,  A former professor and assistant in the United States. A love letter to Filipinos who do all the work and make everything happen...read the story her
  • Nicola Obermeier. From Germany but lives for the past years in Greece. Visited Greece many times as a child. Passionate about photography.....read the story here

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