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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

SHOCK-Shots and one injured in robbery in Ambelokipoi of Athens. No filipino injured

Scuffle with a shootout between police and three men who carried out the robbery of Sklavenitis supermarket located on  Panormou Street in Ambelokipoi of Athens in Greece. It was just before 19.00 when the three men broke into the shop in order to rob. 

 After a few minutes alerted to the incident by the police and men of Police Athens DIAS team rushed to the spot to stop the perpetrators.

Followed gunfight with shots. According to reports, the Police injured one of the attackers who was arrested. Some time later caught both thiefs in their attempt to escape with money and two replica guns.

Tsismosaonline.com news reporter talked to one Filipino witness who was inside the Supermarker during the robbery.

"They didn't bother covering their faces, I was holding some food cans and i got so scared , i couldn't move , run or hide " Maryann said.  " Yet my eye could not decipher those perpetrators"  rushed to say

Initially the three perpetrators boarded in a taxi but were identified by the police. The two assailants left the taxi trying to escape, holding guns and finally arrested in  junction of Sevastopoleos and Schliemann street.

Reportage: Filipino Gr
For Tsismosaonline.com

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