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Friday, May 6, 2016

GREECE LABOR STRIKE- Without transport for 48-hour strike the blue buses, Metro, subway and Tram today Friday and Saturday

Specifically few hours ago the Association of workers in Metro, Selma announced that employees will participate in the 48-hour General Strike launched by GSEE and ADEDY against the government's decision to bring the bill to the Insurance and Tax for voting weekend. 

Also Friday 6 and Saturday, May 7 will remain immobilized the blue buses, Metro and subway. 

Greece will be left without electric underground railway, tram and bus Friday and Saturday. Also TRAINOSE announced its participation in the strike which means that the country will be left without trains from midnight Thursday until Sunday. In a 48-hour strike progresses Workers union ILPAP (trolley) and the day after tomorrow, Friday, Saturday.

Workers in ILPAP have also decided stoppages Sunday from the beginning of the shift to 9 am and from 9 pm until the end of the shift, in the 24-hour strike announced by the GSEE to celebrate Labor Day.

ESEE GSEBEE and decided the 24-hour closure of shops and small businesses this coming Sunday, May 8, 2016, to protest the enactment of the insurance and while should work.
In its communication, the GSEE accuses the government to fast track procedures, trying to surprise the society by promoting the adoption of social security and tax bill through the weekend.

At the same time three strike concentrations escalates PAME reactions against the enactment of the insurance-tax bill. Specifically, the first will be held tomorrow Friday, May 6 at 11 a.m. Omonia, will implement a new collection at the same time again Omonia Saturday, May 7, while the culmination will be a gathering that will take place on Sunday May 8, at the syntagma 10.30
PAME stresses that "now is the time of the battle" and urges all the way "to avoid the guillotine-law passed for the insurance, the new tax." PAME asks employees to be dead and everything to stop production everywhere.
"Even if the government majority with acquaintances eager vote wild measures, the 48-hour strike by massiveness, participation, organization, and the pulse can be a starting point for overthrowing them through our struggles," stressed the announcement of PAME.

Also tied will remain from tomorrow and for four days the ships in ports because of the strike proclamation tomorrow at 6.00 am Friday May 6 to 6 am Tuesday, May 10, decided in today's extraordinary meeting the Executive Committee of the Panhellenic Seamen Federation.
Executives PNO speaking to ANA-MPA reported that the strikes made on the occasion of the deposit insurance bill in parliament and which incorporated the celebration of Labour Day with the participation of Greek seafarers 24 mobilization GSEE Sunday May 8 will they have scalability perspective.

Today started and squats in landfills, municipal garage, and other municipal buildings of local government employees.

The protests will culminate with the participation of workers in the 48-hour nationwide strike already decided for days discussion of the insurance bill to the plenary of the House.
Due to municipal employees mobilizations have created problems in collection of waste. The WTO OTA, in its communication, speaks of "anti-insurance bill" that "has only one goal: to assimilate all mnimoniakes commitments impose on our lives impoverishment, marginalization, unemployment. Removing even by labor veterans the right to a decent living [and] denying the new generation of appetite and hope for a better tomorrow. "

 In voting against the bill for the Social Security invites parliamentarians colleagues president TEE George Stassinos, following a decision of the steering committee "to understand even at the last moment that their decisions determine the future of the entire industry."
"We remind everyone that any vote will name: that of each and everyone who has consented to our destruction," says Mr. Stassinos calling, "all engineers struggle in the coming days, to actively seize the government and the House that this bill does not have the consensus of society. "
In particular, a statement, the Technical Chamber of Greece invites all engineers to participate in a general strike against the bill for the Social Security already announced GSEE and ADEDY on Friday, May 6 and Saturday, May 7, that the days of discussion and the enactment of the bill in the Parliament

At the same time in racing readiness calls with communication the prefecture of Larissa farmers but also the whole country, the Coordinating Committee of Farmers, which participated and the blockade of Tempe, to actively participate in the protest to be held in Athens the day they voted "bills-tombstone for all relating to insurance and the tax."

As outlined in these bills announcement will bring economic ruin to income, without health coverage and pension reductions for farmers, farmers, young farmers, professionals, workers and pensioners and invites all to resist.

 48-hour strike in all media Friday and Saturday
The Board of Directors of the Panhellenic Federation of Journalists' Unions (POESY) decided to participate in the strike declared by the GSEE with 48-hour strike from 06.00 Friday, May 6, 2016 until 06.00 Sunday, May 8, 2016 to all public and private media

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