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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Greece-today began the tax returns-How will be declared this year for the Filipinos the income from their wages

Opened the electronic platform of the General Secretariat of Public Revenue for the submission of declarations and already the first taxpayers submitted their returns this year. Almost 6,000,000 taxpayers will have a time limit of three months as the deadline will last until the end of June, to complete and submit the basic form E1 to the tax return, which has changed little points compared with last year.
In the system already incorporated elements for income from wages and pensions, interest on bank accounts and fees from exercising liberal profession. By today's standards, the tax will be paid in three bi-monthly installments, with the first to be repaid at the end of July, while the other two should be paid to the end of September and the end of November respectively.
However the government's intentions are to extend to six or seven monthly instalments of repayment of taxes in order to facilitate the taxpayers, but also to avoid the accumulation of arrears. But the Treasury refer to reluctance on the part of institutions for changes in the payment calendar of income tax because they believe that you should not keep changing the dates of payment of tax obligations.

How will be declared this year for the Filipinos in Greece the income from their wages

Our Tsismosaonline.com News reporter contacted with the Accounting Office of Maria Ioannidou at D.Plakentias 36 (behind the Hotel President), Near the Metro Station Panormou in Ampelokipous of Athens Greece,Tel 210 6913378 Mob:6977220665 and, asked for more information about the taxes in Greece. 
Mr  George Dougkellis the Manager Director told us Twelve major changes in personal income tax brings in 2015, some of which are hidden "traps" additional charges, while others lead to tax cuts.
Seven of these changes will apply from January bring charges, while five related relief and simplified procedures.
Changes related employees, πενσιονερσ, taxpayers with income from rents SMB entrepreneurs, professionals, farmers, breeders, working with "pads", and all those who obtain annual incomes exceeding € 12,000.

Filipinos Employees with documents and permit, 
1) decreases from 25% to 10% the proportion of annual income to cover employees  with the value of the evidence received for products purchased and services provided to them. Failure to cover 10% of the income of the evidence "uncovered" amount still taxed at 22%. This change applies to incomes from salaries and pensions acquired and receipts issued in 2014. That is, the new system can meet the threshold more easily and avoid the fine.
For 2015 no longer provided any incentive for evidence.

Filipinos taxpayers with annual incomes over 12,000 euros
2) decreases from 1-1-2015, 30% the "special solidarity levy" imposed on taxpayers with annual incomes over € 12,000.
The "special solidarity levy" will be calculated on income obtained in 2015 with reduced rates from 1% -4% to 0.7% -2.8%. The benefits of this to taxpayers who have annual incomes over € 12,000 will fluctuate on an annual basis:
* From 39 to 60 euros for those who have incomes from 13,000 to 20,000 euros.
* From 126 up to 300 euros for those who have incomes above 20,000 and up to 50,000 euros.
* From 459 up to 900 euros for those with incomes above 50,000 and up to 100,000 euros
* 1,200 euros and more for those with incomes exceeding € 100,000.
These benefits will be, however, felt by many of the specific taxpayers in 2016 when he made the final calculation of charges for the 2015 income However, for employees and pensioners, these cuts will be felt in part, in 12 monthly installments in 2015 through reductions in monthly advances special levy solidarity, performed by deductions.

Filipinos taxpayers with income from rents
For rentals from one removes the additional tax, on the other increase the tax rate by 1%. The results from the simultaneous implementation of these provisions will be, for the vast majority of owners, a few dozen euros benefit.
For example, an owner with an income of 6,000 euros from rents (rent collection EUR 500 per month) will benefit 90 euros from the abolition of additional tax of 1.5% (6,000 x 1.5% = € 90) and charge 60 euro increase the tax rate by 1%, from 10% to 11% (6,000 x 1% = 60 euros). So the end result will be the benefit of EUR 30 per year.

For more about Greece Tax system please contact  Mr  George Dougkellis Tel 210 6913378 Mob:6977220665 email: karv.i@hotmail.com Facebook : George Dougkellis
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