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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

GREECE ΝΕW LAW IN IKA SERVICES: With 50 stamps only the health booklet, read how the law will effect Filipinos in Greece

More specifically, the insured IKA (Greece SSS services) who can reap this benefit, are: a) Insured Filipinos in IKA and their family members.

As mentioned except the category concerns workers in the Shipyards in the other three categories of insurance capacity will be provided electronically.

To inform members on the renewal of the insurance capacity for the period 1/3 / 2016-28 / 2/2017, proceed with notification, the IKA.

Also, it is noted that the insured can obtain information and to confirm that insurance capacity through the online service Insurance Ability to website www.ika.gr.

Our Tsismosaonline.com News reporter contacted with the Accounting Office of Maria Ioannidou at D.Plakentias 36 (behind the Hotel President), Near the Metro Station Panormou in Ampelokipous of Athens Greece,Tel 210 6913378 Mob:6977220665 and, asked for more information about the new law in IKA. 

Mr  George Dougkellis the Manager Director told us every year a new law passes describing how many Ensima are needed within a year to renew your health book for the following year. According to the new law (1/3/2016) 50 ensima are needed to renew your health book for a year. 
If you have 100 ensima a year then you can renew your health book for 12 months and you don’t have to wait for the new law to describe how many ensima you need to renew your health book.
As soon as you collect the 50 ensima two mounts should pass, in order for IKA to renew your health book. 

To renew your health card and to have medical care you need 50 ENSIMA. This means a sum of 2500 euros as face value of ergosimo have to be collected with a commission of 625 euros to IKA (2500x25%=625 euros) the previous calendar year. 
• Valid passport and papers of residence permit are also required.
• You have also to submit the original papers of the bank with which the ergosimo is paid.
• The IKA health book is needed.

After the capital controls in Greece, both the employer and the employee must have an account in the Bank in order to issue the Ergosimo (as far as I know this is true in Eurobank, Alpha bank and Piraeusbank) and you can not withdraw more than 420 Euros a week. In the post office you can issue any amount of Ergosimo up to 1300 Euros a month and you get after the commission of 25% which is kept the remaining in cash immediately.
If we renew the IKA booklet to fix your papers we have to go after we get the blue card to IKA again to show this blue card so that your health booklet is renewed for one year. So if the papers for your residence are fixed we have to go to IKA twice, before and after you get the blue card in order to renew your health booklet.
If you give birth to your child in order to take bonus for the pregnancy you should have 200 Ensima the past two years (10.000 euros as face value of ergosimo)

WHAT IS ERGOSIMO IKA (Code N3863 / 2010)
From 01/01/2012 is the most unique and mandatory way for payment and remuneration of salaries for employees in specific ocupations. The contribution to IKA is paid as well.
So you should get Ergosimo if 1) you are a domestic worker in a house with one employer (ie you get a monthly salary) 2) as household cleaners – in different houses with two or more employers (ie you get daily salary).
All most of these services will be paid by IKA Ergosimo. We attach at the end a table with other exemplary work done in the house of the employer which is paid with Ergosimo.
If you work with ergosimo no contract is made with your employer. This means that you have to agree with your employer when you will get your holidays and which days of the week you will have off. The bonus you will get must also be agreed with your employer. If you are fired no compensation for the loss of your job is made to you.

Issued in two cuttings - coupons at the time of purchase and has a unique algorithm which ensures authenticity.

It is available at all Post Offices and branches of all banks. The Post Office needs a printed form to fill out while the banks do not.

Employer: Employer Name, the A.M.K.A. (11 digits) and AFM of the Employer and the amount you want to pay as fee for Ergosimo. 
Employee: Enter the name of the employee and the A.M.K.A. (11 digits).

Four months from the issuance of the redemption of the employee.

The employer must write on to the two coupons the surname and the name of the employee and the employee's A.M.K.A. and date of payment. The employee signs the one coupon for the employer which remains as collateral to the employer that he paid the agreed fee and the appropriate contribution for the employees work. The employer gives a copy to the employee to be redeemed by the Post Office or Bank (depending where issued).
Redemption of Erfosimou is made by the employee of the Post Office or Bank respectively with the A.M.K.A the AFM and the identity or the passport. Upon redemption of the Ergosimo 25% is deducted from the employee of the declared value of Ergsimo (involves contributions to IKA) which is sent on line to the IKA with the registration number of IKA assigned to the employee. The remaining 75% of the value of Ergosimo is received by the employee as the net remuneration of labor.

The Ergosimo value should be equal to the agreed fee for the service work you do with the employee. (The agreed fee includes insurance contributions to IKA as well).

For a monthly salary of 1000 € agreed.
1000 € -250 € contribution to IKA = 750 € net for the employee.
Daily Wage agreed 50 €.
50 €-12,5 € contribution to IKA =37,50 € net for the employee.
Hourly wage agreed 7 € per hour.
7 €- 1,75 € contribution to IKA =5.25 € net for the employee.
The contribution rate of IKA is in all cases is 25%.

The employer can cancel the Εrgosimo and refund within three months from the issue if it is not redeemed.

If you buy for 500 € Ergosimo it contains 25% contributions to IKA ie 125 €. Based on the type of contributions it corresponds to (125: 11,63x = 10 ENSIMA). 500 € is corresponding to 10 ENSIMA.
• 100 € Ergosimo are 2 ENSIMA. Payment to the employee 75 € payment to IKA 25 €.
• 500 € Ergosimo are 10 ENSIMA. Payment to the employee 375 € payment to IKA 125 €.
• 700 € Ergosimo are 15 ENSIMA. Payment to the employee 525 € payment to IKA 175 €.
• MAXIMUM AMOUNT PER MOUNTH : 1300 € Ergosimo are 27 ENSIMA. Payment to the employee 975 € payment to IKA 325 €.
• The worker can register up to 27 ENSIMA per month and up to 324 ENSIMA a year. So the maximum amount of Ergosimo which can be bought every month is 1300 €.
• With Ergosimo the worker ensures full medical and hospital care and Social Security pension rights. 
• Up to the sum of 9500 € in Ergosimo no tax is declared to the worker.
1 Lower tax contribution (incentive for employers).
2 No danger of uninsured employer and undeclared work.
3 You do not have any criminal and civil liability in case of accidents in the workplace.
4. The complication of processing IKA insurance is avoided.
5 The whole buying process and redemption of Ergosimo is simple.
• Code : 01 LAND WORKER (OGA). Agricultural workers.
• Code : 11 DOMESTIC WORK (IKA). Family services ancillary care (household cleaning, general household).
• Code : 13 AGRIKALTURAL WORKERS (IKA) work in gardening. 
• Code : 14 LESSONS AT HOME (IKA) private lessons.
• Code : 15 KEEPING / TRANSPORT OF CHILDREN (IKA) Keeping and transport of children, toddlers and infants.
• Code : 16 CARE NEEDED FOR PEOPLE (IKA) support by providing all forms of assistance and care for the elderly, and people with special needs including the facility to participate in cultural, religious, recreational and social activities.
• Code : 17 EMPLOYEES WORKING IN HEALTHCARE INSTITUTIONS (IKA) people who participate in rehabilitation programs in non-profit institutions supporting living persons with disabilities characterized by mental retardation.
• Code : 18 BEAUTY / HAIR (IKA) Aesthetic care services (hairdressing, facial and body treatments).
• Code : 19 CARE NURSING CARE Nursing care of the sick or bedridden people.
• Code : 20 PHYSIOTHERAPY / ESCORT OUTSIDE HOME IKA assistance to people with mobility problems physiotherapy, physiotherapy, escort outside the home.

For more about Greece New Law in IKA please contact  Mr  George Dougkellis Tel 210 6913378 Mob:6977220665 email: karv.i@hotmail.com Facebook : George Dougkellis
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