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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Greece on general strike – today Thursday 4-2-2016, read how the public transportation will run

The government’s controversial pension reform plans have prompted the country’s largest private and public sector unions, GSEE and ADEDY, to call a general strike today Thursday 4-2-2016
The main rally has been scheduled for 11am on Klafthmonos Square, while PAME had decided to hold its own rally at the same time in Omonia. GSEVEE and ESEE have also arranged their own demonstration outside ESEE’s offices.
The farmers, who have set up road blocks across the country’s highways and customs offices, are also expected to attend the demonstrations in Athens and other major cities. Lawyers, notaries, truck drivers, doctors and pharmacists have also decided to participate in the general strike.
There will be no trolley, train or urban railroad services on Thursday, while taxi drivers have also launched a 24-hour strike on Thursday. The employees in other public transport will carry out work stoppages to participate in the strike. Fuel stations will also participate in the strike, according to the nationwide union POPEK.
The media sector will go on strike a day earlier, from 6am Wednesday to 6am Thursday, in order to provide coverage of the general strike.
Blue Buses will run from 09:00 am to 21:00 pm, that will make working attitude from the beginning of the shift to 09:00 and from 21:00 until maturity.
-No taxis as motorists claiming among other things, tax free to $ 10,000. Will participate in the strike and the Federation Truck Motorist Greece
-The Workers in Metro and ISAP Tram will work  from 10:00 to 16:00.
-Demena Ships in ports. New 48-hour strike announced by the Greek Seamen's Federation (PNO). The mobilization began at 06.00 am Thursday February 4 and ends at 06.00 am Saturday 6 February. Modifications of routes passengers can communicate with the local port authorities and travel agencies.
Cancellations Problems will occur on flights as air traffic controllers join the strike of ADEDY on 02/04/16 from 00.00 to 23.59. The Olympic Air already canceled 16 flights because of limbs 4 hour work stoppage of the National Association of Graduate Telecommunications CAA officials from time 8:00 to 12:00. Passengers should contact their airline to find out about changes in routes.
Public services barely functioning, hospitals will work with security personnel while the strike will involve teachers and professors, workers in local government (WTO-TAB) and GENOP-PPC.
Will be closed filling stations across the country, as decided by the National Federation of Gas Station Owners Fuel Dealers (POPEK). The station owners complain about insurance, the dissolution of the auxiliary fund, the rampant smuggling of fuel and unfair competition.
In the strike involved GSEBEE (tradesmen) and ESEE (traders) who would rally in front of Metropolis offices ESEE at 11:00. Their voices will join the professionals, doctors and pharmacists and the overall discipline (lawyers, notaries, engineers, tax consultants, doctors, dentists, bailiffs, chemists, nutritionists, technicians, veterinarians). The abstention of lawyers will continue until the Monday, February 8 and notaries until Friday, February 5th.
The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office has issued a travel advisory warning travellers that there may be delays and cancellations to domestic flights. International flights are not likely to be affected, however travellers have been advised to check with their airlines.

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