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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Greece General strike for tomorrow Thursday, December 3, Paralyzes the country! Who go on strike tomorrow

For tomorrow Thursday, December 3 have launched a general strike by ADEDY and GSEE, reacting to the new bill for Social Security that is expected to be passed in December. To strike (3/12) involving trade unions from the private and public sectors.

The central strike operation will take place at 11.00 in the square Klafthmonos. Will participate and PNO leading ships in all ports of the country to stay immobilized from 00.01 am Thursday until 23.59  of the same day, while the participation of decided and the WTO OTA(Employees in municipalities)

Hospital workers will participate in the 24-hour strike Thursday. Regarding public transport for Thursday workers in buses, trolley buses, metro, subway and tram, conduct work stoppage since the beginning of the shift until 9 am and from 9 pm until the end of the shift.

The railway workers and suburban go into 24-hour strike. The strike of ADEDY and GSEE participates OLME. The Board of the lawyers Association of Athens decided abstention of lawyers in the capital of his office, Thursday, December 3, 2015, when the general strike will take place.

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