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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Philippines They found shelter on rooftops after hurricane, About 19,000 people remain there today, The government has reported two deaths, watch the video

Filipinos trapped on the roofs of their flooded homes today are waiting for help from rescue teams, while Hurricane effortlessly scans the northern part of the archipelago for the second consecutive day.
The hurricane, arrived yesterday to shore hitting the east coast of Luzon, the largest island of the Philippines, killing two people and forcing thousands of residents to flee their homes.
The effort is directed too late to the north and though weakened, has caused torrential rains to three mountain ranges. The flow of rainwater flooded the vast plains of rice fields north of Manila, explained the emergency services.
About 70 villages are under water, said Nigel Lontok, deputy director of the regional civil service security. "The level of water rises rapidly and there are people on rooftops. The depth of water is too large for the trucks of the army, while rescuers trying to reach the trapped with inflatable boats. "
Thousands of residents have probably caught up in these villages and the civil protection department does not have far too only ten garages. Thousands of people have taken refuge in temporary reception centers, according to the government agency for disaster management. About 19,000 people remain there today said Lontok to tsismosaonline.com news reporter
The trouble typhoon initially was accompanied by winds gusting 210 km. Per hour. Today is over the northern city Bantai and gusts have weakened and reach 150 km. Per hour. The storm is expected to pass over the area with the mountains of the Cordillera before leave behind the Luzon Wednesday.
The government has reported two deaths, an 14-year old teenager in Manila from falling tree in the house and a 62chronis collapsing wall of the house in the province of Zambales.
Schools are closed today in Manila, although the capital has been severely affected by the hurricane.

Watch the video Philippines They found shelter on rooftops after hurricane on youtube, click here 

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