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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Mystery Hackers Hit the Philippine Embassy in Athens, Problems to computer system for visas and passports, The Official Website is down

Officials from the Philippine Embassy in Athens said to tsismosaonline.com news reporter that the The Official Website is down and they have problems to computer system for visas and passports because of the attack of  Hackers.

Attackers targeting the Philippine Embassy in Athens, Greece with malware.The hackers may be backed by a nation state, according to security researchers which discovered the attack, he said the  malware was sent to the Embassy to destroy the computer system for visas and passports

It is believed the malware was planted on the website- known as a watering hole attack.

If high-profile targets were revealed by the malware - called Wipbot and Tavdig - more complex malware known variously as Turla, Uroboros, Snake and Carbon would then be added.

The researchers said to tsismosaonline.com news reporter: "In one instance, the malware delivered was disguised as a Shockwave installer bundle". "It appears likely that a second back door trojan with far greater capabilities was downloaded on to the Philippine Embassy ’s computer."

On this time the Official Website  of the Philippine Embassy in Athens, Greece is down, click here to see

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