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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Greek Police conducted a raid targeting illegal gambling store and house in the center of Ambelokipous of Athens a moment ago, arrested a Filipino, watch the video

Two  arrests were made after Greek Police officials conducted a raid targeting illegal gambling in the center of Ambelokipous of Athens-Geece a moment ago. 
Store merchants say they sell Filipino-asian groceries, but ambelikipoi police officials sources told tsismosaonline.com news reporter it was the scene of some illegal activity that needed to be stopped.

Just after 17:30 p.m., the police department of ambelokipoi  raided a filipino storeand the house above. It's part of a sting on illegal gambling operations in Greece. Video shows Ambelokipous police officers going inside Filipino Store

Greek Police officials confiscated at least 10 digital gaming machines a server, a camera and a remote control that were found inside and arrested a 25 year old Greek and a 49 years old  Filipino. "We believe that there was an on-going criminal enterprise here involving illegal gaming, Police officer told tsismosaonline.com news reporter this home/ filpino store had been at the center of multiple noise,  gambling machines were also found in the house above the filipino store. Neighbors were frustrated day after day, but not surprised by what they saw. "Their friends would come, make loud noise and wake up my baby , I didn't like that, I was like, 'just leave us alone,'" tita Tina a filipina said.

Police have not released the names of the 2 they've placed under arrest, one filipino and one Greek. , Those arrested were taken to the main department of police and then later will take them to the Athens  Prosecutor.
- According to Greek Law 4002/2011, which regulates the "market of gambling" and entered into force on August 22, 2011, provided for imprisonment of at least ten years to anyone who conduct gambling without permission. When the games are technically provided for imprisonment of at least three years and a fine from 100000-200000 per game machine. Finally, anyone who participates in gambling, organized without a permit is punishable by imprisonment of up to three months and a fine of 5000-20000 
Some business owners in the area, who prefer to remain anonymous, say they're glad to see that police are taking action..

reporting for tsismosaonline.com
filipino gr

Watch on youtube the video  shows Ambelokipous police officers going inside Filipino Store in Greece, click here

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