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Monday, October 19, 2015

Exclusive, read who politician from Greece faking the Consul of the Philippines

Unbelievable but true. One of the current government's ministers SYRIZA - AN.EL. at the youthful age, earned money pretending the consul of the Philippines in Greece ... We are talking about "fraud" here members.
The story is absolutely true and described to us by a Greek political strain who know the current minister.
So he told our source that the young and ferelpis politician in the early 90s, had concoct many scams to earn money
Obviously the current Prime Minister does not know about the works and days of the Minister and the manner in which exploited various social Filipino groups so he can  make Dolce Vita in Kolonaki and other cosmopolitan destinations.
This major was therefore set up "shack" through which wrote invitation letters for Filipino people  to go as servants in wealthy Greek families 
As you can see the record of the letters had the relative cost of which the politician in our history put in his pocket to be able then to make his life ...
Easy, fast and black money ...
PS 1: Mr. Tsipras, It would be good before you do so easily ministers to ask the political rank for whom and everyone's life.
PS 2: More will not write. We will leave the prime minister to investigate on his own the case and to collect evidence.

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