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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

True story-She used to be worker today she is the richest woman in her country

She used to be factory worker today she is the richest Chinese woman!

From in a very poor family, without being able to help her parents. This was the one that today is the richest woman in China.

Yet this unlikely story has the Kinfei Zhou, who founded Lens Technology, which shares can be bought now from the rest of the world. This development has transformed the 45-year richest woman in China, as its value is estimated at 4.9 billion pounds.

The same woman once, earning less than £ 100 a month, while working as a factory worker. Salary sent to the nearly blind father thereof; labor result of accident which had left behind in the village which she born alone since her mother had died when she was five years old

The Kinfei, now she is richer by Richard Branson, worked in a factory that made glass for watches from the adolescent age. After a few monthst got tired of the monotonous job and resigned. It was then that the bosses decided to give it promotion and place it in a segment that had just been set up.

According to the Daily Mail. At 22, with a capital of 1,800 pounds that had earned working overtime- the only money that she didnt sent to her father thereof; She founded Lens Technology. Now the company is a provider of Apple and to most companies manufacturing mobile phones.

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