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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

TRUE STORY-How a Filipina mother in Greece Got Greek citizenship for her two daughters

This story is about two filipino  Children's who have been born here  and studying in  Greek educational institution
15 years ago, Marian Reyes came to Greece as an overseas filipina worker. She  arrived as a caregiver in 2000 and got her first sticker in August 2001. 
She lived in a boarding house consisting of two rooms, together with 2 other Filipinas. It was in this boarding house where she met her husband, another ofw worker . They have 2 daughters, who have been born here  and studying in  Greek educational institution.
Unfortunately, on April 1, 2015, my working visa got expired.. Marian said to tsismosaonline.com reporter.
A dream life? I thought so. I had left my country to come here and work to support my single mother back in Philippines. My salary as a caregiver in a small Greek family house was relatively modest, but I could still afford to eat , pay my rent and by the time I met my handsome future husband  Mark, my mind was made up. I could see no reason for ever wanting to live anywhere else but Greece and my kids to get Greek citizenship and become Europeans.
That was 15 years ago. This week, as I woke up to the reality that it was effectively an epic failure to renew my permit, I could see many reasons. 
It was my greatest dream, my Children's to have Greek Citizenship but now i am illegal too, a
  40-year-old Filipina +mother, who doesnt own a property in the Philippines but with two  children's who have been born here  and studying in  Greek educational institution.
Alternatively, I am proud to say that i saw an advertisment at tsismosaonline.com website regarding an accounting office in ambelokipous of Athens,  were i live too by the way, who can help my anaks to secure Greek Citizenship. So i went to ask help.
It worried me that the Greek Immigration will not approve my permit and I had to take another step for  my two  daughters.  I research on requirements in Greek Citizenship for  all those children who are born in Greece and go to the Greek school.. I wanted to show the Immigration that my kids have the requirements to be Greeks when they turn 18.
We, in tsismosaonline.com sent our reporter to accounting office Ioanidou Maria at Doukisis Plakendias 36 in Ambelokipoi-tel 2106913378, to get a better understanding as to who is behind the helping  and supporting to our children for Greek Citizenship. The people at this accounting office are responsible for informing hard working Ofw with requirements so that they can achieve their rightful place as legitimate people in our Greek and Filipino community. Here’s what they told our reporter:
After my advertisement I have received many questions from many friends. I am very happy. Thank you all.. First of all you should understand the essence of the Law. The law will give Greek citizenship to all those children who are born in Greece and go to the Greek school. Or all those children born abroad und are attending Greek Schools and Universities. 
It is a change to get the Greek citizenship for your children. If you can afford it grab this opportunity. You should also consider if the children can get the Greek citizenship, they will become Europeans and they can travel throughout Europe. Maybe those children will become a better working opportunity in Germany and France. Give them this change….
 We are open Monday to Friday 10:00 to 14:00 and 18:00 to 20:00.
Marian was there too and she Add to our conversation: I submitted the papers on September 6, 2015 and  was approved on September 12. Just 4 working days!
Now  my next goal is to bring my mom to Greece!! hurried to say.
Wow ! These is another  successful  story of a filipina mother  in Greece who naturalized and  submitted for her childs citizenship certificate.
So stay connected for more success stories of Filipino In Greece. or contact now with a tsismosaonline.com news reporter and watch your successful story published.

Reporting for tsismosaonline 
Pinay Ako sa Greece
Mary Anna
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