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Monday, September 7, 2015

Teachers From Philippines are planning to add Facebook as course so Filipino student may learn how to Avoiding cyber bullying and lack of awareness

Pabebe girls, non-sense replies, 1 like=1 pray, cyber bullying and lack of awareness in using the social media correctly, that is one of the most difficult problem that we are facing right now.
 A Teacher Esteban said to our source.
Teachers From Philippines  are  planning to add Facebook subject in the Philippines and it required to teach this subject in all High School students.
Because of the Free FB and easier way to use this social platform, we can now teach every High School students to be a responsible student. He added.
They are not considering this plan as a joke, some people were affected by problems that their facing by using the social media giant and it maybe solved by educating them.
This is what the student may learn on the Facebook subject

Avoiding Cyber Bullying, Preventing Cyber Bullying and how to report them on the authorities
Avoiding sharing bad things on Facebook
Avoiding being Pabebe
Learning how to reply with sense on different posts on Facebook.
Teaching them to post appropriately
Learn how to use hashtags correctly
Teaching them the rules and guidelines of Facebook

According to some professors, this is a good idea and they are hoping that this subject will be added on High School or Senior High School soon

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