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Monday, September 7, 2015

Ghost caught in a photo by Filipino students, Feel free to judge if the photo is real or not

This Photo went gone viral last night on Facebook. According to the one who shot that photo they didn’t even notice that thing when were are to take some photo in the I.R building in Rizal High School. Of course after they saw that picture they ran away quickly in that place because of the chills that the image gave to them. Many people shared this photo, many Filipinos claimed that this picture was fake but some people also said that the picture was real.
According to the people who discussed this picture including the two students who posted it on Facebook, they are planning to check again if the image behind them is just a swab. But according to some story, the I.R building in Rizal Highschool was haunted since 1980’s and many people already experienced the horror in that place. The management of that school is planning to bless that place because many students were complaining about the creepy happenings in that building. The old story said that there’s a student who died there because of hazing 20 years ago and the spirit of that student was still there, many graduates and teachers confirmed that case.

Watch the Video on youtube , click here 

Credits to the photo to Yanah Justine Marshilu 
Reporting for tsismosaonline.com
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