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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Free entry to museums and archaeological sites today and tomorrow in Greece

Freedom is the entrance to the archaeological sites and museums this weekend because of the celebration of the European Heritage Days.

The celebration of the European Heritage Days for 2015-2016 is dedicated to the dipole "Violence and Tolerance." Issue timeless, multidimensional and painfully topical, whether in ideology or in practice. Indicated diverse and different dynamics. May relate to the political ideology, social organization, and personal attitude towards anything foreign or depart from the norms and "regimes" each season.

The weekend of celebration are given the opportunity to present the role of tolerance as a determinant of the political and cultural scene, through concrete examples, with more or less obvious way. Respect for the beliefs of others, acceptance of non-identical and the possibility of free expression of individual or collective identity is a conquest that 'typical' and theory has already been at least since the Enlightenment. Where do we stand today?

Tolerance reflects ideal democratic society, and violence resistance to this ideal. European - and not only - books are full individual and collective examples, more or less extreme in isolation until elimination of racial, ethnic, religious or social groups appear repeatedly in time. The events planned for this weekend in more than 100 locations throughout Greece illuminate some of them.

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