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Monday, September 21, 2015

Documents for Greek citizenship through birth, read what is required

Kindly all immigrants to read carefully if you classified in rules and provisions of law. All categories, supporting documents and the settings OF GREEK NATIONALITY Law. 4332/2015 will be post to pubic by our editors team.

Documents for Greek citizenship through birth

1) Statement-request for Greek citizenship.
Parents of a child submit to the competent Service of the Decentralized Administration of municipality, in the territorial jurisdiction of the municipality of residence of applicants belongs, Declaration-application signed and submitted together.

2) Clear photocopy of birth of the child's birth, with  any changes have been made in accordance with Article 14 of Law. 344/1976.

3) Clear photocopy of registrar act or parents' marriage certificate, if such exist. If the child is born before the marriage, the submission and the relevant identification documents of the child is required.

4) Clear photocopy of the definitive title of legal residence of parents in active.

5) Certificate of years of legal residence, issued by the competent services as appropriate (ex. the Decentralized Administration of municipality, the Police) from which arise either continuous legal residence of a parent for at least five years before birth of a child or the ten continuous legal residence in the country of one of the child's parents.

Note: It is clarified that  for the parent who are from a third country(ex:philippines) there is no obligation for an attestation years of legal residence if they can provide sufficient proof and satisfactory information on the five or ten years (depending on the case) of continuous legal residence through the information system issuing residence permits of the devolved administrations run by the central office of YPESDA(Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction).

6) Clear photocopy of valid passport, accompanied by an official translation, parents or travel document recognized by our country, 
Note : exceptions of third country nationals is objectively deprived of passports as defined in Immigration and Social Integration Code (Law. 4251/2014) .

7) a. Registration-tracking Confirmation of order A Greek elementary school. Since the declaration-application of the parents presented during this educational year (ie. In the first class of primary school) sufficient to submit only this certificate. This certificate is issued by the Director of the elementary school that record and monitor the child.
b. If the declaration-application of the parents submitted after completion of the child in the first class of primary school-This certificate is issued to the Director of the elementary school that record and monitored the child.Certificates must be obtained, starting from A elementary school primary school classes or primary and secondary schools attended by the child and the class which attends or where is registered the child at time of submission the declaration-application of his parents. As a crucial element here is the monitoring of the Greek school child from the first grade of primary school and then straight up to the time of the declaration-application of parents of school year is calculated 

8) A fee of EUR 100 per child (relative to No. Ref. Ph. 130181/16481 / 07.27.2015 Circular our service on "Application of Electronic Disbursement" and SAA: V8TL465FTHE-8GI).

NOTE: Foreign certificates must be officially translated by the Translation Service of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the relevant Greek consular authority of the country of issue of the certificate, or by a Greek lawyer or by a professional translator of the department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting of the Ionian University and not by private individuals translators.

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