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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Cyprus: In Jail ended up a 40 years old Filipina housekeeper just a moment ago

In jail cell reached a 40 years old  domestic worker from the Philippines, which "seized" the jewelery of the  old woman that she was watching. The daughter of the elderly employer from Cyprus, in August found that a gold pendant of her mother was missing and told police she suspected the filipina housekeeper.

Police after checking in various offices that selling gold in Cyprus, they found the pendant and identified that according to the owner of the shop, the 40-year Filipino woman had sold the jewelery.

The daughter of the elderly employer from Cyprus testified that missing and other jewelry, such as rings, chains, etc. totaling 70,000 euros.

The housekeeper had sold the gold jewelery and the money sent to Philippines Police said. The Criminal Court of First Instance decided for the filipina to remain in jail until police complete the investigation.and the Cyprus court find her guilty of Stealing .

Reporting for tsismosaonline.com
Filipina ana maria
Cyprus , 29-9-2015

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