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Monday, August 31, 2015

Here is a story of a successfull hardworking Filipino chef in Greece who raised in Athens by OFW parents

Here is another success  story of a hardworking Filipino chef in Greece, Proud Filipino, Born and  raised in Athens, Greece by ofw parents. 
 Here in Athens, many Asian restaurants employ Filipino chefs. Among them are chefs whose experience, diligence and creativity in the kitchen have earned them praise from their employers, customers, and kababayan. 
Filipino chefs have distinguished themselves in culinary arts. Perhaps the most prominent Filipino chef today is Cris Ian Abadiano, Commis Chef (Cook C/3rd Cook)  at the Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas in Crete.
Cris belongs to the younger generation of chefs. A man with a happy disposition,  cooking is his passion. To him, every dish is a work of art to savor and appreciate.hrust in a new culture, he struggled to adjust to the city’s way of life and the Greek language. Eventually, he was able to overcome the initial difficulties. A real Filipino chef who has gained popularity not only among Filipinos but Greeks as well. 

“A chef does not only cook, but must also be knowledgeable in other aspects of cooking, like food costing, measurements, and storage, among others, “ Cris said.
According to Cris , the key to success is patience and hard work. “Huwag tumigil mangarap,” he adds. (Don’t stop dreaming.) Filipinos can be the greatest tool against the Greek crisis.
We, in tsismosaonline.com sent our reporter to Athens Voula College Preparatory [AVCP] to hear from  first hand that  “Cris Ian Abadiano was always the example of a hard working Philippino young man.
Cris never missed a day of class.Always punctual, attentive delivering quality work on all of his assignments. Standing above the crowd is hard for most young people. Yet, Cris Ian always did. “We are so proud of Cris”
Having graduated with ‘honors’ from the Alpine Center for Culinary Arts after his internship
at the 5 Star Adelmar Resorts and Hotels in Crete, today Cris is known as “Chef Cris Ian Abadiano”.
Currently, Chef Cris is creating delectable specialtiesat the 5 Star Daios Cove Luxury Resorts & Villas in Crete.

He dreams of one day opening a restaurant that serves Filipino dishes.

Chef Cris Ian Abadiano represent the Filipino chefs in Greece who are making good in Greece, inspiring other Filipinos who aspire to be excellent cooks.

If you contact with pinoy  parents in Greece you will learn the success story of their kids  and some of those stories  behind the teaching is the college Preparatory Institute of Private Instruction. If you ask, we will tell you the same!!, So stay connected for more success stories of Filipino In Greece. or contact now with a tsismosaonline.com news reporter and watch your successful story published.

reporting for tsismosaonline.com
Pinay Ako sa Greece
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