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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Filipina in Greece behind bars after being arrested at Greek airport with 50.000 euro in her hand luggage and charged with money laundering

A Filipina in Greece has been charged with money laundering offences after she was caught carrying 50.000 euros in Greek airport.
45-year-old Villanueva  was jailed after a staggering amount of money was discovered in her carry-on bag.
She was charged with attempting to illegally transport more than the legal 2000 cash limit out of the Greece - and has been in a airport  prison since.
Villanueva name is very common name , the lawyer working on Villanueva's case - said the money came from a legitimate property sale and the filipina overseas worker had no intention of taking it out of Greece.
Se claims she had yet to check into her flight was waiting in the lounge for her brother who was was going to take the cash to her house in Ampelokipoi of Athens.
Se said: 'This has not to do with the fact that Remittances centers in Greece canot send money abroad, we filipinos working in Greece we  respect the local laws but why  Greek people don't respect filipino society, people who are trying to send money to their families back? 
Reporting for tsismosaonline.com
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