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Friday, July 3, 2015

Remittance centers in Greece are paralyzed, making it hard for OFWs to send money back to the Philippines, Cbn Greece announced temporary suspension

Cbn Greece June 29 at 10:42pm ·  made  the following announcement 
Dear Clients, we would like to inform you that due to procedural difficulties as a result of the temporary suspension of the operations of the banking sector in Greece, our office will NOT be conducting any transactions until the 7th of July 2015. We bring our apologies for any inconvenience and we will be there to serve you as always the soonest. 

Others remittance centers in Greece will follow soon 

Filipinos are not spared from the brunt of the debt crisis that Greece is facing, following the country's failure to pay 1.8 billion euro to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
Banks were closed in Greece, worrying not just Greeks but also Pinoys based in Greece who send money to their loved ones in the Philippines.

People queue at ATM machines in Athens but they are only allowed to withdraw up to 60 Euros per day. Others who got their cash go straight to the supermarket to stock up on supplies.
"Hopefully, the referendum will normalize the situation and open remittances for our kababayans," 
Greeks will vote on Sunday to decide whether to accept or reject bailout reform proposals by creditors after the country defaulted on its €1.6 billion load to the International Monetary Fund.
Because of the relatively peaceful and calm situation in Greece, the Philippine government only advised Filipinos to stay away from protest-heavy areas and to update themselves with news reports.
Philippine Ambassador to Greece Nestor Ochoa also held a contingency meeting with Filipino community leaders on Monday in case the referendum turns sour.
"We've also asked our kababayans to stay away from areas of protest and to update themselves. We're preparing for anything, especially for worst case scenarios," Tario said.
No anti-migrant movements have been detected in Greece, but a few Filipinos reported having their wages slashed due to the financial crisis.
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