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Friday, July 17, 2015

Latest Update-Remittance centers in Greece are in Panic, IF open Monday July 20 they will allowed only 60 euro per person to send abroad

Greek government confirms banks will re-open on Monday July 20, but with restrictions creating problem to Remittance business.
Remittance centers in Greece are in Panic because as Greek Deputy Finance Minister Dimitris Mardas told to tsismosaonline.com reporter , exclousive for Remittance centers there is NO any change regarding the daily limit for foreign people who work in Greece and wish to send money abroad. A ministerial decision need to be for All Remittance centers saying how much and what is exacly the limit that allowed per person to send abroad. Without those details the Remittance centers in Greece cannot operated legal and there are already some Remittance centers who operates illegal by sending money abroad without The national bank in Greece Financial audit.
The only aggrement that made in the  Greek Parliament is that allowed to Greek people with Students abroad to send until 5000 euro evey  3 months
Remittance centers in Greece stopped any work since 29 of June 2015 because Greek law forbidden money from inside country  to exit , after 3 weeks allowed to send abroad until 5000 euro evey  3 months to those with Students only? what about the others? the thousands Overseas Workers in Greece ?
Representative from Remittance centers in Greece  are prepering to meet with the Greek government Monday morning to solved the problem  and asked  the ministerial decision on the bank opening to be updated .

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