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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Greek Citizenship bill approved for second-generation filipinos and other immigrants a few days before Greece go bankrupt

A new bill which would lead to some 100,000 second-generation filipinos and other immigrants being granted Greek citizenship was approved by a parliamentary committee a few days before Greece go bankrupt.

The Greek bill includes a provision for longterm residence permits to be given to children of immigrants born in Greece when they turn 18.

172 members of parliament (MPs) voted YES, 
91 MPs voted NO, while 4 were present (did not vote) 
The 172 votes include votes from SYRIZA, PASOK and POTAMI. 
The 91 MPs who voted NO are from Nea Dimokratia, Chrysi Avgi. KKE (Communist Party of Greece) did not vote. 

What is the next step? 

As we understand, for the law to take effect, it has to go through the usual process: it has to be signed by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and implementing government agencies. Then it will go to the office of the president of the Hellenic Republic Prokopis Pavlopoulos for his signature. Once it is published in the government gazette, only then the law gets to be implemented. 

Meanwhile, tsismosonline.com  team together with other organisations continue to monitor the process. We will continuously update on any development regarding this bill and after Greece Debt Crisis ends or exit from the eurozone.

Second Generation Citizens what is it exactly?

The term "second-generation" extends the concept of first-generation by one generation. As such, the term exhibits the same type of ambiguity as "first-generation," as well as additional ones.

Like "first-generation immigrant," the term "second-generation" can refer to a member of either:

the second generation of a family to inhabit, but the first to be natively born in, a country, or
the second generation to be born in a country.

The Greek bill stipulates that applicants must have been enrolled at a Greek primary school and that their parents must have lived legally in Greece for five years prior to the applicant’s birth.

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