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Monday, July 20, 2015

Closed the Remittance centers, Open the Banks in Greece. Greek government said restrictions on transfers abroad remain, read what will happen

Representative from Remittance centers in Greece  talked with the Greek government today  morning to solved the problem  and asked  the Greek Finance Ministry if the Remittance centers in Greece will open together with the Greek Banks .

Deputy Finance Minister Dimitiris Mardas announced that banks will open today  Monday July 20 ,  but  the Restrictions on transfers abroad and other capital controls remain in place because the Greek  banks’ financial health remains critical. Transfers of money to other countries are allowed only with permission from the Greek central bank and the Finance Ministry who examine requests on a case-by-case basis.

Deputy Finance Minister Dimitiris Mardas said to tsismosaonline.com reporter that the Remittance centers in Greece are operating with foreigners who wish to send money from inside Greece to their family abroad, Now there are approximately over 500.000 foreign people with permit or without , and waiting to send money out of Greece, the Greek  banks’ financial health remains critical we cannot allowed yet that  to happen.

tsismosaonline.com reporter asked Deputy Finance Minister Dimitiris Mardas when the Remittance centers in Greece will open ?  Deputy said The finance minister could decide Wednesday again if extend or not.

The head of Greece's banking association Louka Katseli said that the foreign people who holds Credit and bank cards issued abroad can be used at the Greek ATMs with no restrictions. This will benefit foreign visitors to Greece and the tourist industry.

Web banking transactions will be mostly free, allowing people to pay their bills online. However, they cannot move money to accounts abroad.

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