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Monday, June 29, 2015

In desperation those without cash withdrawal card in Greece

Not all people in Greece have cash withdrawal card from the ATMs of banks. There are our elderly citizens who do not have card option because they fear to lose, that will forget the PIN or find the whole process very complex.
There are older pensioners over 74 years, where banks do not issue cash cards. And there are pensioners who have joined the Katseli Law and from which is removed the right to have a cash withdrawal card.
All these our fellow citizens, the vast majority of elderly pensioners, they can not even bear 60 per day, because nobody has thought of a way to serve in some branches of banks to enable them to enjoy their retirement. Some waiting outside the closed bank branches in the hope that at some point in the day, and can be opened. And they ask anxiously what will happen as long as banks have padlock they themselves did not have the ability to access -opoia- money have in their account.
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