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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Philippines President Aquino’s 2015 New Year’s message To the Filipino people

His Excellency Benigno S. Aquino III
President of the Philippines
To the Filipino people
As we celebrate Rizal Day
[Released on December 29, 2014]
The Filipino people stand united in celebrating the life of a man who, throughout his life, sought to uplift the circumstances of his motherland and fellows: We honor Gat Jose Rizal—his courage, deeds, and generosity of spirit.
We discover an exemplar of citizenship in our national hero; and in his triumphs and sacrifice, we imbibe the inspiration to continue the fight for the Filipino. May this commemoration invigorate and impassion us as a people, that we may remain unwavering in the duty to bequeath succeeding generations with the dignified, progressive future they deserve.
The battles we confront may be different from our forebears’, yet the call to action and service they once heard remains resonant and clear. Rizal served as our precedent for prodigious acts: He took upon himself to alleviate the despair of others and cast his stake for a tomorrow of peace and liberty.
As today’s stewards, we are enjoined to do the same: Walk the path of accountability and commit ourselves to the task of nation-building. We shall compose the next chapters of our history and pass it on to coming Filipinos. United, let us strive to leave them a legacy of an empowered and proud nation.
30 December 2014
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