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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Chinese Zodiac signs-What’s in store for you in 2015, Year of the Sheep

Filipinos are now looking forward to what’s in store for 2015, also known as the Year of the Wooden Sheep.

This will officially begin on Chinese New Year in February 2015.

In a video posted this past December, Feng Shui master Hanz Cua shared his 2015 forecast for the various Chinese Zodiac signs, as well as tips for the coming year.

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Feng Shui master Hanz Cua shares his forecast for 2015
Green, he says, will be a lucky color. “Wearing green, painting the office color green, using green bags or using green color elements would enhance money and wealth luck to you,” Hanz said in the video above.

He also added that the year 2015 will be a year of prosperity, luck and opportunity for many.

Here's what's in store for each Chinese zodiac sign, according to Master Hanz. For more, including specific forecasts for work and love, for example, watch the video above.

Year of the Rat

"This year for the year of the Rat, brings in prosperity, money wealth gain, opportunity in career and in money. Wealth star for the year of the rat is good," says Master Hanz. But Rats should also look out for bumps in the realm of relationships, and he also advised to keep a "low profile at work."

Year of the Ox

It may be a bumpy year for Oxen. "The year of the Ox is in direct conflict with the Year of the Sheep. A challenging and most obstacle year, this year also brings the heaven money wealth star, which brings in money, [and will] gain luck for you."

"Avoid overspending," he cautioned, warning that patience is a virtue.

Year of the Tiger

Good news for Tigers: "The year of the Tiger is a very good year. Career success, personal happiness with heaven wealth and heaven seal, brings in success in everything you do."

Things are looking good in terms of wealth, and also in terms of career and relationships. Tigers, he said, should also watch out for their health.

Year of the Rabbit

"For the year of the Rabbit, the noble man and the supportive star is in your chart. This helps you towards success. As the year of the Sheep is one of your allies, tis brings in indirect spirit, shielding and helping you overcome challenges."

"Socialize more," he said, warning Rabbits to be careful about what they say.

Year of the Dragon

"This year will be [bring] powerful luck as the favorable star lies in your chart. Continuous growth in career, fame and recognition, prosperous year, you need to do more good deeds – going to church, prayers to enhance luck," said Master Hanz.

Year of the Snake

"Ready for action. Rich with opportunity and career prospects. Focus on one thing at a time. Wisdom and career luck star, this year is a good year for taking an exam, this year is good in getting insurance and property investment," he said.

He also said that Snakes should watch out in terms of relationships and health.

Year of the Horse

Horses should be careful. In the wealth area, Master Hanz said, particularly in the last part of the year, things aren't looking up, but Horses can also look forward to a good year for love.

"As the best friend of the Sheep, this brings in partnership, collaboration in business and career. Learn to work as a team."

Year of the Sheep

Sheep should watch out this year, paying attention to their health and relationships. "Last year 2014 is much better year compared with this year because lucky star is not in your chart. Avoid arguments, keep low and humble, careful whom you trust."

Year of the Monkey

Things are looking good for Monkeys, though they should take care to manage their wealth well. "Smooth-sailing year with support from helpful friends.This year, give big leap and success in business. Importation of products abroad is lucky."

Year of the Rooster

Roosters should be cautious this year, and Master Hanz said that planning and keeping a low profile will be important.

"Luck is gloomy. Not a good year. You have numerous misfortune star combined with the 5 yellow misfortune star seated on your house. Lawsuits, unexpected problems is there, you need to enhances prayers to enhance luck."

Year of the Dog

"Use public relation skills to attract helpful friends. Helping hand star will lend support towards success . You have a strong fame and recognition luck."

He also said to watch out for some potential conflict when it comes to health, relationships, and career.

Year of the Boar

Things are looking good for Boars, but they should also look out for potential conflict with others.

"You have a strong business partnership luck. You need to socialize more. Prayers and going to Church activates your indirect spirit. This will enhance your wealth luck."

With 2015 about to begin, start it with a bang and with a positive state of mind. Happy New Year! – tsismosaonline.com and pinoynewsgreece.com

For more information on astrology and feng shui, visit Hanz Cua's website masterhanzcua.com
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