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Friday, January 16, 2015

Are you dead yet?Chilling emails sent to British teenager by Filipino gang-He was encouraged into a cybersex (Video)

Suspect Jomar Palacio (right) was shown a picture of Daniel Perry by the BBC, but he denied any wrongdoing
He was encouraged into a sexual encounter via webcam before the sick criminals threatened to make the video public
Chilling 'sextortion' emails which urged a teenager to 'commit suicide now' after falling victim to online blackmailers have emerged for the first time since he threw himself off a bridge.
Daniel Perry, 17, from Fife, took his own life in July last year after a Filipino cybersex gang threatened to send compromising images of him to his family and friends unless he paid them.
He was encouraged into a sexual encounter via webcam before the sick criminals threatened to make the video public.
His death prompted a large-scale police inquiry and at least 58 Filipino suspects were arrested in May this year after investigators traced online activity.
At least three of those, Archie Tolin, 20, Jomar Palacio, 23, and Vincent Bravo, 22, are believed to have been directly involved in blackmailing Mr Perry.
A BBC investigation has claimed that the Dunfermline teenager received a message from his blackmailers saying: 'I will make you suffer.'
The 17-year-old begged them not to release the video footage but detectives claim the suspects replied: 'Commit suicide now.'
Later, they sent a chilling message asking: 'Are you dead yet?'
A BBC team traced two of the men suspected of being directly involved in Mr Perry's death.
Jomar Palacio, who lives in a run-down area of Manila, said: 'I do not know him, I did not get any money, I did not do anything wrong to him, that's all.'
Another suspect, Vincent Bravo, now works as a waiter in a strip club and lives in a city south of Manila.
'I didn't do it, I don't know anything about it. They have no hard evidence against us,' he told the BBC.
'I send my condolences to [the Perry family], but I wasn't the one who did it. I feel sorry because he left behind a family which loves him.' 
All three men will go on trial in Manila but Scots authorities want to extradite them to face trial here.

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Superintendent Gilbert Sosa, director of the Filipino Anti-Cybercrime Group (ACG), said: 'They will first have to be tried in the Philippines and other legal actions might follow.' 
More than 260 computers, phones and pornographic materials and other evidence was seized in the Philippines by 15 police teams
Philippine National Police chief Allan Purisima said the syndicate would secretly record the victims after tricking them into exposing their bodies or having cybersex. 
They would then threaten to send the video to their relatives and friends unless they paid anything from $500 (£292) to $2,000 (£1,100) he said.
It is thought scammers use stolen footage of pretty American girls and sophisticated computer software to interact with their target.
Speaking earlier this year, Mr Perry's mother Gill Aiton said: 'I don't want any parent to ever go through what I been through. I miss him every day.
'His tormentors were pure evil. I want them to be brought back here and those responsible for his death. 
'I want to look them in the eye and ask why they chose to target a 17-year-old bairn with his whole life in front of him.
'There was a long time when I couldn't mention his name without bursting into tears. I thought I would go mad with grief.
'I wish I could tell Daniel how much I love and miss him. Why did he feel that he couldn't tell his mum and dad, or his foster parent? He must have been so scared.'
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