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Monday, January 12, 2015

2,381 arrests in December in Attica from the Greek Police

During the month of December 2014, the Office of the General Police Directorate of Attica, were arrested in total -2.381- people


Two (2) persons for homicide.
One (1) person for attempted murder.
Two hundred and eighty-seven (287) people for thefts - burglaries.
Fifty-seven (57) persons for robberies.
Two hundred and fifty two (252) persons for violation of the Law "on drugs."
Seventy-one (71) persons for breaking the law. "On prostitutes."
One hundred and fourteen (114) persons for violation of the law "on the arms."
Four hundred fifteen (415) people for breaking the law. "illegal immigrants."
Sixteen (16) persons for breaking the law. "On gambling."
Twenty (20) people for breaking the law. "Copyright".
Four hundred and nineteen (419) persons with interceptors documents.
Eighty-three (83) persons for fraud - forgery.
Seven (7) persons for smuggling migrants.
One (1) person for seduction and sexual abuse against minors.
Seven (7) persons for extortion.
Five (5) people for illegally practicing the profession of exclusive nurse.
Six hundred twenty-four (624) individuals for various offenses (Health offenses, traffic violations in degree misdemeanor etc.).

Cases solved 

One (1) homicide.
Forty-three (43) Robbery against minors, pedestrians and drivers.
Thirty-eight (38) robberies in shops, banks and hotels.
Twenty five (25) burglary-theft from homes.
Sixteen (16) burglary-vehicle thefts.
Three (3) theft of pedestrians.
Two (2) fraud using the "Nigerian fraud".

They were caught in actions (9) gangs of which:

Two (2) gangs were committing robberies to pedestrians and drivers.
Two (2) gangs committing burglary-theft from homes and wallet theft.
One (1) drug trafficking gang.
One (1) gangs extortion shopkeepers to provide "protection"
One (1) gangs migrant smuggling.
One (1) gangs pushed consequently foreign women into prostitution.
One (1) gangs committing fraud.

Seized total:

Cannabis: -42.936- grams.
Heroin: -22.189- grams.
Cocaine: -6.107- grams.
Drugs pills: -199-
Scales: - 2 -
Guns-revolvers: -9-
Submachine: - 1 -
Shotguns: -2 9 -
Cartridges: -732-
Knives: -37-
Bars: - 3 -
Vehicles: -22-
Computers: -7-
Game machines: - 13 -
Pirated CDs (CD - DVD): -1.879-
Transaction amount: EUR -44.928- and -951- USD
Contraband cigarettes packages: -65. 689-
Mobile phones: -93-
Found - Stolen vehicles: -287-

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