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Friday, December 12, 2014

European Court of Human Rights condemned Greece for violating Human Rights

The European Court of Human Rights condemned Greece for violating a Human Rights Convention article regarding inhuman and degrading treatment in two separate cases.
The first court decision concerns an Iranian national who arrived in Greece on November 13, 2010 seeking asylum and was held at the border stations of Soufli, Ferres and Alexandroupolis for six months. When he was finally released, his request for asylum was denied by Greek authorities.
The Iranian man claims that the appeal against his request denial is still pending since April 25, 2011. In his action he also states that he was held for six months without trial and was released two days before the official deadline, with a temporary visa. He was forced to live homeless, and in poverty, under degrading conditions.
The Court has vindicated him, condemning Greece for inhuman and degrading treatment of an asylum seeker and ordered the state to pay 6,500 euros in compensation for moral damage.
Meanwhile, the European Court of Human Rights also condemned Greece on a second case for the violation of a migrant’s right to liberty and security, as well as for the inhuman and degrading treatment that he suffered. Iraqi national, Hussein Mohammed was arrested for illegal entry on November 15, 2010 in Soufli, northern Greece when he was just seven years old.
His age had to be determined since a Frontex officer claimed incorrectly that he was born in 1990. Later, he was transferred to the juvenile detention center in Soufli and given 30 days to leave Greece and go to Germany where his brother was waiting for him.
The Court condemned Greece for violation of the right to liberty and security and for inhuman and degrading treatment of a person, forcing the state to pay the Iraqi national 8,500 euros as compensation.
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