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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Young Filipino in Greece found a ATMs card and... you will not you will not believe what happen

What he did not calculate the young Filipino, was that the cameras of ATMs recorded him

He did not believe in his fate a young Filipino,who went to withdraw from ATM a bank branch in Athens Ampelokipoi Greece and found  a ATMs card, the lawful owner had forgotten to collect her from the automatic teller machine!

Since the card was still completely in the slot, without hesitating time the 24 year old Filipino typed update operation of the account. When he saw that there was enough money in, start typing as possible larger amounts to the "lift". However, the daily withdrawal limit allowed him to get only 500 euros, which he put in his pocket and left!

What we did not calculate the young, was that the cameras of ATMs  recorded him ! So when the 46 year old owner of abstract card discovered that they had stolen 500 euros from his account and complained to the Police, the police took a month to identify the perpetrator! The 24 year old was not arrested , but a case for theft and computer fraud formed against the filipino  and forwarded to the Prosecutor of Athens.

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