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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Filipino in Thessaloniki Greece(video)

Noon  at around 14:30 in Aristotle Square. The most wrong time on a rainy non-working day to find Thessalonians in the most central part of the city. Too late for coffee, too early for drinks, high humidity near the sea. 
You hear voices. You  Approaching, we see a group especially women, sparsely arranged, to have formed a large circle, Filipina  Women are happy, comfortable, relaxing, smiling, with flat shoes, simple clothes, undyed, aftiasidotes with only ornament smile. All, though! 
It's Sunday morning and they went to the Catholic Church, like every Sunday. And then gathered to tell each other, as each Sunday. To exchange news, to speak in their own language, to chat. It is the only day they can do it. 
And this is the first time I see Filipino gathered in Thessaloniki! The only contact I had, until yesterday, with them, as often happened, it was through the voice of a strict madam: "Maria, bring me this, Katie do that, Lin where are my glasses?". 
Some are with their babies, I see three generations (grandmother-mother-granddaughter) smiling, some are luckier with her ​​husband and their baby. 
Sunday afternoon, single filipina women, filipina women away from their homes, filipina women who have been in the sun destiny -and those and their families; only away from their families. Filipina Women aftiasidotes, spontaneous and smiling. Really, how can you maintain your smile passing years under the orders of a madam, often some spoiled child, having only one day a week to meet and talk in your language with other women like you, alone, rootless and smiling ? 
It was unfortunate Thessaloniki yesterday. Because it was the first Sunday of this year's rainy autumn prolonged and people not found in Aristotle see single women, spontaneous, unaffected smiling and dancing to the beat of "I will survive" and sing together "We are the world, we are the children, we are the ones who need a better day ". 
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