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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Greek Students Clash with Police Outside Education Ministry - Police hit back- watch the video on youtube

Some 1,500 protesting students, parents and teachers gathered earlier today outside the Education Ministry in Athens, Greece, in order to protest against the government-planned education reforms. The protest rally ended with tension and at least two students were detained by Greek riot police squads, who made use of stun grenades when a group of protesters tried to storm the building, while no injuries were reported.
The tension rose when a group of students from Athens’ secondary schools separated from the main demonstration and tried to climb the Ministry’s fence, while they also threw stones to riot police squads that were lined up in the building perimeter.
The students were protesting, mostly peacefully, against the “new school” bill, which, amongst others, includes drastic changes to the exams process, the merging of schools, the exam topics pool, and teachers’ and textbooks’ shortages. This was not the first time students voiced their objection to the government’ plans for the education reforms this month, although it was the first time protesters gathered outside the Ministry building.
After the clashes, that were not extended, a group of teachers formed a line between riot police and protesters, while they requested the immediate release of the detained students.
In the meantime, students from higher education institutions gathered at Athens University’s Propylaea in downtown Athens, to demonstrate against government reforms.
Watch the video when the police hit a Greek student
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