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Thursday, October 30, 2014

The first e-tree with Wi-Fi and AC power for charging smartphones will come soon in GREECE

Unfortunately their fruit is not ... money, so we can purchased at any hour and moment. This does not mean, however, that certain trees can not offer us ... WiFi or  or electricity!  In this idea, the Israeli company Sologic , created the first eTree in which you can stop those who want to relax, to connect to the Internet or those who want to recharge their cell phones. 
The eTree is an impressive tree trunk, but instead leaves it has solar panels that block the light from outside and offer shade and many more. 
In particular, the eTtree offers  Internet WiFi, charging portable devices via ports USB, water for people and for dogs and the evening light. 
All the above are in a closed circuit as the tree activates all functions without having to be connected to the electricity grid. 
The eTree is designed for use in residential and urban areas, such as schools, universities and parks and can be tailored to the requirements of each space is located.Sologic said soon will come in GREECE.
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