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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Filipino interpreter in the Greek courts was a member of gang trafficking illigal migrants said the police in Ampelokipous of Athens

Inconvenience has caused to court and lawyers' circles of Athens , the revelation that one of the arrested foreign to the case of migrant trafficking gang that was dismantled last week by the Security Department at Athens police, is the main interpreter for tagalog(*tagalog is the official filipino language)  undertook several trials in criminal assumptions involved.
Policeman from Ampelokipous Police Station in Athens said to tsismosaonline.com, this afternoon, this old filipino man  appeared in the courthouse of Athens with cuffs and ... unsurprisingly surprising with his presence there.
Especially when we informed which case has been assigned to filipino old man"thomas or tomas", actually we  fell from the clouds ...! said
Everybody now discuss what will happen to the other filipinos who live and work in Athens and know that old man by the name "thomas or tomas"was a member of gang trafficking illigal migrants and not a filipino lawyer as he use to presented himself !!
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