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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Shocking -Filipina nanny caught stealing from Greek employer youngest daughter purse (video)

She's the Filipina woman you invite into your home and trust with your precious family. Then she commits the ultimate betrayal said to tsismosaonline.com reporter the Greek employer.
When i hired a live-in Filipina nanny, it was supposed to make my life easier. With three children and a large family home to run, i hoped the Filipina nanny would give me more time for myself, continued talking the employer from the Ekali area in Greece
I caught on camera, my Filipina nanny stealing from my youngest daughter purse in the kids room , said. 
But for humanitarian reason (she had 5 kids) i didnt put her to jail. I required her to return half of the money she stole and i send her home earlier this week, said .

Thank you tsismosaonline.com for accepted and posted my story, I know there are not all filipinos in Greece like that girl, thats why i like to inform other people for the irony i am now.
watch the video 
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