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Sunday, October 26, 2014

School allowance of 300 euros:Filipina Mother in Greece received it after five months she applied

Not long ago, a Filipina mother in Greece and friend of our page, contacted us very upset because she had made the request last May 2014  for school aid and not only did not take anything, but when she submitted a document missing from the folder and asked when they will receive,the money  verbatim and pompously told her that  "we will check and  dont bother us again"! 
But we annoy them! The tsismosaonline.com team searched and found the right person and made audible complaints, not by name but by describing the whole situation and suffering of the mother. And a few days after our friend got the the money . Maybe it was a coincidence maybe not. What matters is that a Filipina mother in Greece received School allowance of 300 euros! 
The Filipina friend of our page made request ​​late May 2014 for school aid of the previous two school years (2012-2013 and 2013-2014) and received the money a few days ago. Therefore, those who have made an application you can calculate at about the time you receive the money. 
All the information, requirements and documents you will need, you can find here ( for greek school only and for those who are legal)
First of all make it clear that the correct term is not "school aid" but "Income support for  low income families and childrens of compulsory education." For brevity, however, and because the documents submitted to the school, has been given the title "School aid". 
Therefore, according to Article 27 of Law 3016/2002, paragraph 1, the conditions that must be met to receive financial aid of 300 euros is: 
1.The annual income until to 3,000 EUR (in our communication with the First Primary Education of Athens, explained to us that none of the two incomes do not exceed 3,000 euros). 
2. The beneficiaries should not have any property in their name. 
3. The beneficiaries should not lease a house
4. Recipients must be Greek citizens or non nationals  Member  of States of the European Union. 
5. The minor children will be attending elementary school or junior high school and is 16 years. 
Have in mind that you will need: 
-latest tax reportTax Office 
-certificate from the Director of School that the child attended class compulsory education (elementary and high school) 
-marital status certificate, which will receive from the municipality where you are serving your family or From KEP
We thank our friend and all of you for your confidence that helps us to help more and more filipino in greece If you need help, and everything in us, do not hesitate to contact us at facebook
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