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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Please pray for my Filipina girl in Greece, I want to say my story, what I live next to my child as a mother

I want to say my story, what I live next to my child as a mother and grandmother. 

I am a Filipina 57 years old and i have a daughter 32,  my only child  and me we  enter 15 years ago in Greece.  My daughter has two children, my grandsons who i  love too much. But I fear for her. I see my child every day dying and  i dying too.

My daughter met her husband at 25, he was 35 Greek.  We had no objection to the age difference, but I  told her to be careful. The first two years were good but after my child changed, she became fearful, unsmiling, nervous. He controlled it all the time. Where to go, what to do, who to talk to. 

They go to work together and her husband bring her back. He use to call her and if she tell him that she is home, he come with flowers supposedly surprise her but in reality it was to check that she was telling the truth. Not dare to go with a friend for a coffee. Other times, when she told him she was going out  for coffee with a friend, he force her to cancel and go home to take care of him. 

We tried with her father to talk to her, tell her it's not such a normal behavior, its nothing, she told us we exaggerated. I felt that was my fault as a mother, that I did not teach my child right, that I had filled insecurities. Where i have done wrong?

My girl got pregnant very soon. My sin to be mean, I told her to throw it. No I am not in favor of abortion and I'm mom, but I made a last attempt to save her from this man. this evil Greek man. Why to bring a child in the world with a man who had shown from the beginning that he made ​​her unhappy, why suffering she and her child?

They got married, my daughter gave birth and all happily went well. One night, someone rang the bell. Surprised with my husband because at 12 at night and we did not expect visits. It was my daughter with the baby in her arms and a black eye that wept and shouted that she wanted to devorced. 
He began to send flowers, songs, rings to bring her back. What apologies, I love you "i will not do it again,". And my child turned to the logical not to spoil her home for an event, turned thinking that he would change, almost at the end told us that it was at fault in her sleep, she heard the baby crying and got up to suckle, therefore deserved to eat a punch. 

My daughter became pregnant again with my second grandson. She stopped  from her work, One night, he Hit her so much that my child fainted and he called the ambulance. My grandchildren were ahead and scream. He told the ambulance a story that my daughter fell and hit. 

For two months,My daughter she did not go anywhere,she not dealing with her children, nor does bathroom, only smokes and sleeps very little. I'm afraid not to do any harm to her self. I told her to go talk with a psychologist to help her, but she refuses. I love my child and more burns to know  as a mother that I was wrong, I did wrong, 
 Please pray for my girl.
grandmother Annamaria

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