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Monday, October 20, 2014

Maternity allowance 200 euro in Greece-Read how you will get those money

The allowance will be paid once, only it is 200 per month and will be granted for a period of four months. It covers all with legal permit mothers 

The maternity allowance signed on Wednesday, the Deputy Minister of Labour, Social Security and Welfare Anthony beige. 

With this decision establishes for the first time and for women to maternity allowance as provided for women with paid employment. Additionally administered to all women secured with legal permit, and not in a small class such as lawyers.

The amount of the allowance, which is paid off, it is 200 per month and will be granted for a period of four months. 

The application for the grant will be submitted by the insured within six months from the date of baby delivery. 

"Our strategy is to build from scratch an efficient and equitable social state, without gaps, omissions and injustices of the past, is a continuous effort is progressing steadily and decisive steps, even in this bad financial environment" said the Labour Minister Yiannis Vroutsis and added that "the administration, for the first time in our country, maternity women are secured.

On his part, the Deputy Minister of Labour stated that "the allowance forms part of the overall effort of the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Welfare for the implementation of measures and actions of social solidarity, supporting our citizens, while strengthening the social cohesion

For more please contact with in I.K.A. or O.A.E.D.  in Greece

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