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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

In jail Greek Priest President of Nursing Home in Ambelokipous of Athens for Corruption

Period of two days to apologize received the President of the Nursing Home Athens, Procopius Boumpas, against whom a warrant was executed pending debt to the Greek taxes office(IRS)

The Priest requested deadline to prepare his apology, a request that was accepted by the Corruption Prosecutor.

However, because it was considered a suspect of escape remains temporarily detained until Saturday to appear in the court

Recalled that the President of Nursing Home Procopius Boumpas arrested this morning, is under the microscope of Corruption Prosecutor and Head of Eleni Raikou for a host for mismanagement of affairs of the Foundation endowment.

It is incalculable fortune of more than 700 properties. And despite the existence, in the days of Procopius Buba nursing home has come to play crown letters enable daily by millions of debts to the State and the social security funds and workers have come to stay and still unpaid 30 months and take part in accrued only to appeals from judgments against the president of the institution.

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