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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Greece Alert-Worsening the weather from tonight : Where and when storms come?

Rain and thunderstorms are expected from Saturday night, mainly in Western Greece, in accordance with temporary worsening weather bulletin, issued by the National Weather Service.
The deterioration in the weather is expected to affect mainly Epirus, the Ionian Sea, western and central Macedonia, Thessaly, Western Central Greece and the western Peloponnese. The storms in some areas accompanied by strong winds, even hail.
However, as explained in the tsismosaonline.com  the  director of the National Meteorological Center of CMH Mr. Anthony Lalos, there will be no significant change in temperature. He notes that the phenomena are common in autumn, while special attention will need to show the residents of areas where fires have occurred, "because we do not know how they behave in these regions under conditions of heavy rain."
The severe weather is expected to weaken Tuesday and the weather will show some improvement, "but would not go back to the summer," as Mr.Lalos. said.
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