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Sunday, October 12, 2014

FIRST CAR ACCIDENT IN GREECE, When did this happen?

The first car rolling, and even fatal accident, which was reported in Greece was Sunday, March 4, 1907, at approximately 11:30 on the Sygrou Avenue, after Hadrian at the height of FIX , as described by our newspapers of that time. 

"The Prince Andrew with his wife Alice and his lieutenants Metaxas, driving his car on Sygrou Avenue to go to Paleo Faliro and thence to Pireaus. 

Reverse and within 30-40 m. Followed Nick's car. Simopoulos Minister, MPs Fthiotidos. 

When the two cars they were before the bridge and close to pubs Fix the Simopoulos wished to overcome the car's prince, increases slightly the speed of his car. 

The road was free of pedestrians and the car of Simopoulos after overtook the front, took the right road and went normally on the avenue. 

Suddenly one woman with a child situated on the sidewalk entered on the avenue and found facing the car of Simopoulos. That seeing the obvious risk wished by shunting n 'avoid conflict with the woman, but the unfortunate woman  ran to get across the street causing the car to roll on the ground and pass out of the body of . 

It seems that over the body of the unfortunate woman passed and the car of Prince Andrew, despite the fact that he tried to check his speed. Thus, the first car accident in Athens had committed. 

The first victim was the unfortunate woman Efrossyni Cotton, aged 25 years, coming from Argostoli, wife of Theodore sandalopoiou ". 

On 08.17.1896 in England is the first accident in the world in which lost his life, the British motorist who ran a speed 3.7 miles per hour (6.9 km / h). 

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