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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Deadly Accident in Central Athens with a young Immigration Poliice Officer and a 30 year-old woman

A serious accident occurred Wednesday morning, on Petrou Ralli avenue, in Athens Greece. The accident caused the death of two people, a 30 year-old woman, ethnic Albanian, and a  Immigration police officer. 

Greek authorities reported that three more people were injured.

The collision happened when the driver of a Smart lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a taxi without reducing the speed. On the contrary, he sped up in an effort to avoid the accident. At that moment, the driver hit the 30 year-old woman who was standing near a kiosk and the police officer who was passing by. Afterwards the car rammed into a bus stop causing a pile up.

Police, ambulances and fire brigade services rushed to the scene, blocked off traffic and transferred the injured to the hospital.

When the driver got out of his ruined car, an angry mob who had witnessed the accident, tried to attack him.


The Association of Police Officers Piraeus, expresses its deep sorrow for the unexpected loss of 32-year old Special Guard KATSIONI Demetrius, father of a baby just a few months. 

The unlucky Special Guard team DIAS Piraeus, while on service ordered during control suspicious vehicle on highways in the evening of 14.10.2014, was run over by passing cars car resulting in fatal injury. 

The family of the unjustly shed our colleague, we express our sincere condolences and unwavering support of our hope is the last victim on the altar of duty. 

For the Board 

-0- -H- 

President General. Secretary 

LIOTSOS Spyridon Mahal Argiro

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