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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Clinic Director Arrested for Bribery in Thessaloniki, Greece

The Director of the Gynaecological Clinic of “Agios Dimitrios” hospital in Thessaloniki, Greece, was been arrested earlier this morning, as he demanded a payoff in order to proceed with one of his patient’s surgery. The doctor, who asked for 50 euros and is now facing charges of bribery, was given the marked note of 50 euros during an arranged meeting with his patient, who has earlier filed a complaint against him.

Straight after he received the marked note, Greek Police arrested the doctor and found the marked note in his possession.

This was the second bribery incident in a Thessaloniki public hospital within a short period of time and the officials appear worried by the frequency of such instances. Last month, police arrested the director of the Pediatric Surgery Clinic of “G. Genimatas” Hospital in Thessaloniki after a complaint from a patient that the doctor would not proceed with the necessary operation unless he would pay him a bribe of 1,000 euros. The defendant — who was an academic doctor — appeared before the prosecutor and was later released from custody with a bail of 10,000-euros.

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