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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Changes in transportation map of Athens are expected in coming months.Read Which bus and trolley cut or modified [list]

Changes in transportation map of Athens are expected in coming months, as they put into practice the plan of Transportation. Thus, some of the routes of buses and trolleys will be cut and others will be modified. 

The ultimate goal of the project, however, is to increase the frequency of service, greater reliability and faster means of connection to the Metro stations. 

The changes described below, estimated to be completed within the season, while others will follow, but after talks will make the carrier with the municipalities. 

In accordance with decisions of the OECD,  is expected to make the following changes: 

Suspended the operation of the bus line B3 "ACADEMY-Glyfada" and merges with the line A3 "ACADEMY-Glyfada", which changes in some parts of the course. 
Convert the E22 bus line from Express to normal and renamed to 122 "HELLINIKO-SARONIDA ", maintaining the same origin and the same end, while modifying the course. 
Crashes for bus 232 "PIRAEUS-IMITTOS-VYRONAS", which merges with the line 218 "PIRAEUS-IMITTOS-ILIOUPOLI". The 218 is now "PIRAEUS-DAFNI "and will stop at the station of Metro Line 2" DAFNI"and amended the course. 
Stops traffic on the circular bus route 207 "Glyfada-TERPSITHEA", which merges with the line 128. 
Suspended the operation of the bus line 163 "Voula-PIGADAKIA" merged with line 162. 
Stop the traffic on bus line 125 "F. NOMISMATOKOPIO-PEANIA-VARKIZA ". 
Bus lines 149 'Glyfada-VARI-VARKIZA "170" Glyfada-VARKIZA-VARI "and 114" Glyfada-KAVOURI-Vouliagmeni "abolished and merged into a new bus line. This is line 117 "Glyfada -VOULIAGMENI-VARI", which will start in place of starting points-goal and end of Glyfada Square Ath. DIAKOU in COROPY Vari. 
Converted to circular bus line 237 "ANO ILIOUPOLI -DAFNI "starting station of Metro Line 2" Daphne ", and renamed" DAFNI-ANO ILIOUPOLI ". 
Changes the line A4, which, instead of the Academy, will start the station of Metro Line 2 "Agios Dimitrios". So renamed A4 164, named "AGIOS. DIMITRIOS- K. ILIOUPOLI-ARGYROUPOLI-TERPSITHEA ". 
Renamed and modified bus line 201 from "DAFNI-ARGYROUPOLI "to" Ag. Dimitrios-ARGYROUPOLI "starting station of Metro Line 2" Agios Dimitrios "
Changes making the line 155, which was renamed from "HELINIKON-Alimos-AG. MARINA "to" HELINIKON-Ag. Dimitrios "and performs circular route, starting and finish in Depot HELINIKON
Renamed and modified the line 154 "AGIOS DIMITRIOS- A. Glyfada "to" HELINIKON-A. Glyfada ", with a new starting point the origin of the lines 171, E22 and CH97 and end of this bus line 124. 
It comes partially modifying the route of bus lines 205 'Glyfada-Sourmenis-TERPSITHEA "128" Glyfada-TERPSITHEA' and 116 'Glyfada-VARI-KITSI. "
Renamed the bus line 109 from "ANO KALAMAKI-. Ag. Dimitrios "to" Ag. Dimitrios KALAMAKI ", starting from the Metro station" AGIOS. Dimitrios "and end the former West Airport where at B2. bus was.

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