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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

All the emergency measures in the port of Piraeus in Greece for the Ebola virus-Strict controls on ships and crews

Strict controls on ships and crews 

Extraordinary measures to prevent transmission of Ebola virus by the departments of Regional Unity Piraeus centered commercial port of Piraeus. In particular, each ship will sails from the commercial port of Piraeus Container Terminal in particular, Car Terminal and the ship repair zone, will remain in the anchorage. In addition, the master will complement a special form before being allowed to disembark. 

In this form, listing the last trip of the ship not only with reference to the port of departure, and all intermediate stations, even for refueling, with the obligation to detail the duration of the trip. 

According to the announcement of Piraeus Antiperifereiarchi "In this way you will know whether the ship is in a port of 'suspicious' country for transmission of the virus and how many days before, since the incubation period and onset of disease is 21 days. In case, there is evidence that a crew member has been or may be at risk of ill Ebola will be updated directly by the Centre for Disease Control & Prevention (HCDCP) and EMS to deal in accordance with the national plan for prevention. "

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