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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

60-Year-Old Greek Woman Buries Her Mother Under the Porch -Police said she did it to steal the pension

The unprecedented case of a woman who buried her mother under their house’s porch is slowly unravelling, shocking people in Kalamata and across Greece. It was determined that the 60-year-old woman who lived in the village of Megali Mandineia buried her mother under their home and attempted to commit suicide two months later. According to locals, the relations between the two women were very good, while police believe that if the 80-year-old woman’s death is proven to be a murder, then the only possible incentive behind it would be the mother’s pension which was their only means of survival.

Since July, the old woman had been facing serious health problems and was often hospitalized at the Kalamata Hospital. On August 10, however, the doctors advised the deceased’s daughter to take her home since there was nothing more they could do.

Since that day, no one saw the 80-year-old woman again. According to locals, her daughter started acting suspiciously while also spread rumors that she was planning on sending her mother to an elderly home.

According to Greek news, the 60-year-old woman visited the Hospital of Kalamata last Friday and purchased sleeping pills. She then returned home, locked all doors and windows, and consumed a large amount of pills. Her neighbors got suspicious of her odd behavior and contacted Greek Police who were able to break into the house in the presence of a prosecutor. The police officers located the woman who was in a coma due to the pills she had consumed. She was rushed to the hospital where doctors were able to revive her.

However, police were not able to locate her mother. During the search, they found that a part of the porch had been rebuilt and after further investigations it was revealed that the 60-year-old woman had buried her mother under the porch two months ago. The elderly woman was found wrapped in linen and tied with tape.

Her body was transferred to the Forensic Service at the Hospital of Corinth where doctors are performing an autopsy to determine if she died of natural causes or if she was murdered.

Since the beginning of this ordeal, police have been interrogating the Albanian worker who built that specific part of the porch and said the reason of doing this is to steal the mothers pension.

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