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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Schengen Visa (tourist) Requirements for Filipino Citizens – Dont let someone to cheat you

Successful Application in the Philippines
The easiest way to get a Schengen visa in the Philippines without a personal interview (possible) is discussed in this page together with the application process and list of requirements for Filipino citizens to get a Schengen visa and travel all the countries and territories listed under the agreement. How much will it cost, where can you get the insurance requirement and the like. So let’s proceed.
Schengen Visa will allow anyone including Filipinos to travel and visit 22 European countries and 3 non-European in just one visa. If you want to visit Europe and some countries around it without processing and attending lots of visa appointments, the Schengen is for you. We all know that as a Philippine passport-holder, we are required to obtain visa in traveling and visiting countries around the world except some ASEAN countries and few more. However, countries like Greece- USA, UK, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and more, require us to process visa before out travel. But with Schengen, in one visa, you can visit the following countries and places as long as the visa is valid. Imagine how much money we could save and how many appointments we won’t need once we have this special visa. So so much!
List of countries you can visit having the Schengen Visa (currently 25 countries)
Czech Republic
How long can we stay in the countries listed above?
We can stay up to the allowed time which is a maximum of 90 days in a 6 month period. So you must schedule and book your flights and accommodations for your journey within the timeframe or validity of the Schengen visa.
Can we work or study using the Schengen visa?
Obviously, no. Schengen visa is a “visitor visa” only and is designed for the purpose of tourism, travel, leisure or business.
Schengen Visa Requirements for Filipinos
The requirements for Filipino citizens and Philippine-passport-holders for the application of Schengen visa are as follows. It is recommended to obtain and process the visa in the embassy of the country you want to visit first or the last or the country you want to spend your time longer.
Tips in Schengen Visa Application in the Philippines
Before you apply in the embassy of the country you chose(ex Greece), make sure of the following:
Complete your requirements and documents first
Finalized your flight booking, itinerary, accommodations, tour schedules
Double check everything before proceeding to the application of visa
You can apply and make an appointment as early as 3 months prior to your European trip
Apply at Italy Embassy in Manila since they don’t require personal interview as long as your documents are complete and consistent (other embassies like France, Spain, Greece and others require interviews
Schengen Visa Requirements for Filipinos
Fully accomplished and signed application form
Valid passport (valid at least 6 months from the date of travel)
Photocopy of valid passport and former visas (colored photocopy recommended)
Passport-sized photos in white background
NSO Authenticated Birth Certificate
NSO Authenticated Marriage Certificate (if married)
Invitation Letter addressed to the Embassy if a friend or relative will accommodate the stay of the applicant in his/her house or residence. The letter of invitation however is required to be made by a National, Citizen or Foreign Resident in the country you are applying this visa. This letter of invitation must be supported and accompanied by a document of identity or permit of stay. This Invitation Letter usually has a format and can be downloaded from the embassy or consulate of the country you are applying your visa.
Roundtrip tickets (officially confirmed by the airline)
Detailed itinerary which includes departure and arrival time and dates
Hotel accommodations vouchers and booking receipts
Proof of Financial Capacity, Income and Sufficient Funds which includes the following:
-----------Bank Account SOA (Statement of Account for the latest 3 months)
-----------Bank Certification
-----------Updated Passbook
-----------Recent ITR (income Tax Return)
-----------Credit card billing statements from latest 3 consecutive months
Certification of Employment signed by your company (if employed)
Approved Leave of Absence
Travel Order (if working in the government)
Business Registration Certificate (if Self-employed)
Travel Insurance from Accredited Schengen insurance companies in the Philippines
Visa processing fee (per embassy requirement)
Affidavit of Support and Consent from both parents (for minors only)
DSWD Clearance for minors not travelling with parents (for minors only)
Take note that requirements may be added anytime so it’s better to check in the embassy you are applying the visa. I recommend personal documents like passport, NSO BC, proof of funds and others must be secured first then just follow your travel tickets, itinerary and accommodation. Finalized those dates since I’m sure you are traveling to different countries in Europe and you are gonna take the opportunity to visit as many places as you can.
Some embassies prefer online application for the Schengen visa but embassy like Italy process them by call center and you will call their hotline to make the schedule as to when your documents and requirements will be picked up by their courier service. If you have completed the documents and requirements and they are all consistent and tally, then your visa will be approved in like 5 to 7 days. Some embassies request personal interviews if they wish to know more. Italy Embassy in Manila, interviews are not done like others. So if you wish to stay longer in Italy or Milan, the Italy way is for you. Cost of visa application form is about P3,550 not including the courier service for about 450 and the call fees when you call their PIASI Call Center.
Some embassies like Spain, French Embassy and Netherlands also approve Schengen visas easily less strict than others.
No Visa for USA for Filipinos
Note that the recent article about free tourist visa for Filipinos who wish to travel USA is not yet confirmed and absolutely not true (as of now).
Japan free visa will be confirmed by Oct. 2014.
Keep our fingers crossed.
No Visa Required for Filipinos in the Following Countries…
ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations)
Brunei Darussalam - 14 days
Cambodia - 21 days
Indonesia - 30 days
Laos - 30 days
Malaysia - 30 days (sufficient fund must be at least 500USD)
Singapore - 30 days
Thailand - 30 days
Vietnam - 21 days
Azerbaijan - 30 days visa issued upon arrival
Taiwan - 30 days if holding a valid visa for Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Schengen countries, United Kingdom or United States. Check at https://nas.immigration.gov.tw/nase/ to meet the requirements.
Georgia – 90 days visa issued upon arrival, 360 days visa free to those who have temporary residence of Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait
Hong Kong - 14 days
India - 30 days visa issued upon arrival
Iran - 15 days visa issued upon arrival if holding an e-visa pre-approval code obtained via email from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at www.mfa.gov.ir
Israel - visa-free for tourists (no. of days of stay will depend on Immigration); visa-free for holders of diplomatic and official passports; visa required for business)
South Korea (if arriving at Jeju Island only) - 30 days
Macau - 30 days
Maldives - 30 days visa issued upon arrival, extension of maximum 90 days is possible by paying MVR 750
Mongolia - 21 days
Nepal - 15/30/90 days visa issued upon arrival for around US$25/40/100
Sri Lanka - 30 days visa obtain upon arrival if holding Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). You can get this prior to arrival at www.eta.gov.lk
Timor-Leste - 30 days single entry visa issued upon arrival for around US$30, extension is possible up to 90 days
Kosovo - 90 days
Want to travel many countries in Europe in one visit? Have a Schengen visa by completing the requirements listed in this page -- Schengen Visa Requirements for Filipino Citizens
Cook Islands - 31 days
Fiji - 120 days Visitor's Permit issued upon arrival and can be extended
Marshall Islands - 30 days visa issued upon arrival and can be extended
Micronesia - 30 days
Niue - 30 days
Palau - 30 days visa issued upon arrival, additional USD 50 for extension
Samoa - 60 days Visitor's Permit issued upon arrival
Tuvalu - 30 days visa issued upon arrival
Vanuatu - 30 days
North America
Bermuda - 31 days before but since May, they now require visas for Philippine passport holders
Costa Rica - 30 days Visitor's Permit issued upon arrival
Dominica - 21 days
Haiti - 90 days
Nicaragua - 90 days visa issued upon arrival
Saint Lucia – 6 weeks Visitor's Permit issued upon arrival
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - 30 days visa issued upon arrival
Turks and Caicos Islands - 30 days
South America
Bolivia - 90 days
Brazil - 90 days
Colombia - 90 days
Ecuador - 90 days
Peru - 183 days
Suriname - 90 days
Burundi – 1 month visa issued upon arrival
Cape Verde Islands – visa issued upon arrival around £ 25
Comoros – visa issued upon arrival
Djibouti – 1 month visa issued upon arrival
Gambia – visa issued upon arrival
Kenya - 90 days visa issued upon arrival for US$50
Madagascar - 90 days visa issued upon arrival for MGA140,000
Morocco - 90 days
Mozambique - 30 days visa issued upon arrival. Extension of 30 days is possible around USD 66
Saint Helena - visa issued upon arrival
Seychelles – 1 month Visitor’s Permit issued upon arrival if holding return ticket, sufficient funds (minimum USD150 per day of stay, and proof of accommodation)
Tanzania - visa issued upon arrival for around USD50 to USD200
Togo - 7 days visa issued upon arrival if with return ticket, 3 passport photos, and yellow fever vaccination certificate
Uganda - visa issued upon arrival for US$50
Zambia - 90 days visa issued upon arrival for USD 50/80/160 single/double/multiple entry
Other countries and Territories:
India - Visa upon arrival valid for 30 days (limited only to New Delhi and Mumbai airports)
**Information is intended for tourist visit purpose only
**Details may change anytime after the update due to new laws so double-check the immigration rules of the country you’re planning to visit
**Transit visa may be required when you're not on a direct flight
**Sources: International Air Transport Association (IATA), Qantas, Wiki, Visalink, VisaHq.ph
Some important notes:
The list of countries above won’t let you need a visa BEFORE your arrival. Doesn’t mean you won’t need one forever. I just listed the allowed days just like when you’re going to SG for example, you may visit the place until the allotted days without a visa. You can also extend your stay but you have to comply with their visa requirement – that’s the time you have to secure a visa or permit depending on your purpose (work, business, study, etc)
The other countries require a visa upon arrival. It’s usually done at the port of entry or at the immigration bureau of that country. They usually ask you about your purpose of visit/travel and check your documents like your passport (which must be at least 6 months valid from the date of expiry), valid IDs (when I say valid it means it’s not expired and is accepted by all government offices), return tickets, and money. They usually require you to hold proof of sufficient funds to cover your stay. Some strict countries checkpoint authorities require documents such as employment letter, hotel reservations, personal invitation, permit to travel and the like. They have the authority to refuse your entry if you fail to comply with them.
Feel free to leave comments below and use it to share your visa concerns and experiences with others. You can exchange related stuff in the comments section just like a forum. But please you guys, I made this effort to share this for everyone and it’s free. I have updated the details, too one by one. Please respect this page and don’t throw nasty comments to anyone. Filipinos are polite, courteous and hospitable. I want to see that in here. Help each other instead of turning each other down…THANK YOU.
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