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Friday, August 29, 2014

Greece is ready to have a new police group... The transportation police.Learn more

From ... normal police and city police Greece will move to transportation police. This is a novel idea ... 
announced Thursday the Minister of Infrastructure Michael Chrysohoides the trolleybus depot Rouf. 
The aim of this particular group is fighting petty crime and safety for passengers when traveling in the MMM. 
What details of the plan analyzed the head of the OSCE, Mr. Gregory Dimitriadis, stressing that it will set up a "transportation police 'for the purposes of which has been applied to the Ministry of Public Order, which required police to combat low delinquency. 
"We will enhance the safety of all commuters, as their own people or ordinary security, they can not do. This is the responsibility of the police. Therefore, what we want is, assuming the cost of certain officers of the Public Order, they are dedicated to transport, the urban network to enhance the sense of security, "said Mr.. Dimitriadis. 
Indeed, the Infrastructure Minister added that "in urban transport is required to present the law on the prevention of crime, and unfortunately, we have a lot of complaints in some cases," and announced stricter controls on eisitiriodiafygi, which will occur daily in all means.
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