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Monday, April 7, 2014

Pacman Says: I'm Not Yet Over the Hill

Pacman strike a pose with his 3 sparring partners Steve Forbes, Julian Rodriguez and Lyndell Rhodes after training on Saturday afternoon at the Wildcard Boxing Club in Hollywood, California. For Tim Bradley respect will be the word that will characterize his treatment of this Saturday night's big event in Las Vegas. For Manny Pacquiao redemption is the more appropriate term as the Pilipino icon a sure entrant into the Hall of Fame attempts to disprove claims that he's running on borrowed time and that his shelf life is nearing it's end. "I want people to say that's the guy who beat Manny Pacquiao" a bitter Bradley said late last week as he continued to rue about the misfortune that befell him for beating Pacman on a split decision almost 2 years ago. Instead of being treated like royalty for besting a legitimate king the 30 yr. old Bradley had to endure hearing hurtful words as though it was his fault that 2 of the 3 judges scored on his favor. Like Bradley, the 35 yr. old Pacman is also on a mission to convince everyone that the Bradley setback was nothing but a temporary roadblock and that retirement is still farthest in his mind. After loosing to Bradley Pacman suffered a major blow that seemed to have signaled the end of an era after Juan Marquez dealt him what surely looked like a career ending knockout. But Pacman rebounded from the Marquez debacle and catapulted himself back into the limelight after running rings around Brandon Rios late last year in Macau.       
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